Replay Events : PLAY Expo Glasgow


Play ExpoLast weekend saw the introduction of Replay Events first Scottish venture; PLAY Expo Glasgow and by all accounts it was a great success.

Over the course of the weekend Braehead arena transformed itself into a haven for all things gaming and welcomed thousands through the doors eager to immerse themselves in the experience. Gamers old and young had a variety of titles to choose from, from old favourites to brand new discoveries.


Gaming requires a warm up too. Pokemon TCG was mine en route to PLAY Expo Glasgow.

After walking through the doors the first thing that struck me was the huge selection of games on offer and the sheer number of people. Row upon row of screens, arcades and pinball machines covered the hall all occupied by happy attendees. They had everything from the hugely popular Street Fighter V to Mario Kart for the N64. For me, the best part of the majority of game events is the ability to try out new Indie titles that are in development and get the chance to chat to the developers themselves. PLAY Expo had the added bonus of pinball machines which are just freaking awesome, but the Indie guys still get the biggest thumbs up.


Everybody loved the VR. Added bonus, watching people use it is almost as fun as actually using it.

The boys from We Throw Switches(@WeThrowSwitches), the people who run the great Games Are For Everyone events, were helping out showcasing the local talent. Among them were a few games that really stood out, well for me anyway. First up we had the Competitive Cuddling Simulator; the newest addition to Vaida Plankyte’s(@underskinnyhrt) One Game A Month mission. A fun little competitive or co-op game that two can play using one keyboard. Each player has four keys which randomly control the four limbs of the character in front of you. The object, at least in the competitive mode, is to match your characters limbs to the drawing shown before your opponent. I had a go with my partner and obviously came out as Queen of the Cuddles.

Up next was a game I’ve had a lot of love for since Dare 2015; Observatorium. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or haven’t heard of it Observatorium is a gorgeous atmospheric puzzle adventure game from the Glasgow collective Capsule Three(@CapsuleThree).

Stunning, right? If you get the chance to see these guys showcasing their game before it’s PC release then I can’t recommend donning a pair of headphones and giving it a go more. The game has been incredibly polished since my first attempt last year and it only continues to get to better. Plus, they’re a super nice group of guys with good chat.

Last but not least the final game that really caught my eye was a little Indie number called Blue Revolver(@BlueRevolverSTG), which the team describe as ‘A manic shooter about a bunny-eared technical genius, a fancy weapon and a few million bullets’. It was actually their banner that initially drew me in with it’s gorgeous Japanese anime style artwork. That being said, who doesn’t love beautiful bunny eared Anime girls? Playing the game itself was a pleasure. It’s fast paced, it’s fun and as you can see below, it’s adorable.

Aside from video games, PLAY Expo also had a card game area as well as a healthy selection of merchandise stalls. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to go play anything in the card game area, something I made up for by heading to Settlers Hamilton(@SettlersShop) afterwards, who coincidentally happened to have a stall at the event. I managed to pick up a Tentacle Bento set for a great price from the ever lovely Shazz, the owner of Settlers. Tentacle Bento is the anime loving waifu collectors dream. You take on the role of a cleverly disguised alien hell bent on capturing your fellow students. Spoiler alert, they’re all total cuties.

As well as vendors selling a variety of board and card games there were also plushies, figures, art and of course, video games. The selection of retro video games was frankly astonishing and the prices even more so. I have never been to an event where the sellers didn’t have an absolutely horrifying mark up on their products, until now. My favourite of the bunch was Retro Plushy Games(@RetroPlushyGame). My partner and I had a good time raking through the vast selection on offer and while I only ended up buying one GameBoy game from them they’ll be my first port of call from now on for any of my retro gaming needs.

For it’s first venture north of the border, PLAY Expo got so much right and so very little wrong in my opinion. I for one am looking forward to next time.

Deliveroo Turns One!


IMG_2651Deliveroo Edinburgh is celebrating it’s first birthday! Many of you will have used their services to order top quality restaurant food straight to your door, be it for a quiet Friday night in or to cure that hangover come Sunday. A few days ago I was lucky enough to bag myself two invites to their VIP invite only birthday party in partnership with i-on magazine(@ionedinburgh) and let me tell you, it was quite the bash.

Being an invite only party there was very little information about the event floating around, all I had was a start time and a venue, meaning I knew next to nothing about what was actually going to happen. It was held at The Biscuit Factory in Leith(@FactoryBiscuit), a gorgeous warehouse event space for those of you who haven’t heard of it, and Deliveroo[1]Top quality restaurant food delivered straight to your door courtesy of Deliveroo had taken the time to decorate the place with an abundance of fairy lights wrapped around the original metal beams and of course their signature kangaroo logo anywhere they could fit it. The whole decor set me in mind of a 1960’s Warhol party, it was fantastic!

IMG_2655Now I have to say these guys really know how to throw a cracking party. As you would expect their was food from some of the companies they currently work with, Harajuku Kitchen(@Harajukukitchen) and Barnacles and Bones(@eatbnb) were set up to provide fresh, hot food as well as various platters, both sweet and savoury, from places such as Bibi’s Bakery(@bibisbakery), Soderberg[2]Soderberg bakery and Hanam’s(@hanams). Drinks were provided by the wonderful Edinburgh Beer Factory(@edbeerfactory) and Edinburgh Gin(@Edinburgh_Gin), with other delights such as prosecco, good ol’ jägerbombs and of course some non-alcoholic options. The best of which as far as I’m concerned were the Canny milkshakes(@wearecanny). I don’t even like chocolate milkshake but there’s was delicious! As if all that food and drink wasn’t enough a variety of local businesses and entertainment had also been invited along for guests to enjoy. Felt you were in need of a little haircut but had no time to get one? Not to worry, Ruffian’s(@ruffians) barbers were on hand to give you that trim. Tired after a long day at work? Urban Massage(@UrbanMassageEDI) where there to give you a relaxing rub down. No time to paint your nails? Don’t sweat it! NAF! Salon(@nafsalon) would have your fingertips ready to party in no time. Couldn’t decide what to do with your hair? Charlie Miller(@cmhairdressing) had you covered with their braid bar. Felt your makeup needed that extra oomph? Fantoosh Face Art(@MrsFantoosh) were on hand to turn you into a glittering masterpiece. On top of all that LOOKLOOK Photobooths(@LookLookbooths) had a GIFGIF booth set up for you to record the memories and a couple of lovely DJs on hand to keep the party on track.

IMG_2680IMG_2674IMG_2685Having heard the experiences of other people at some ‘VIP’ parties I was somewhat dubious about what to expect but needless to say Deliveroo absolutely blew me away. They celebrated their birthday with the utmost style and put on a superb night for all involved.

Long may their deliveries of Japanese food to my door continue!

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