What’s Cooking In The Weeb Kitchen?: Canned Mackerel Burger


oogsskmarjygic82divpLast night I decided it was time for another round of weeb kitchen goodness and I readied myself to make some delicious mackerel burgers. My ingredients however had other ideas and I had my first minor anime cooking disaster.

This recipe makes it debut in the show when our young chef is put on the spot with a dormitory entrance exam and no ingredients. A raid of the cupboards and a quick survey of the leftovers and kitchen staples available produces a delicious looking burger made entirely of fish and as a mackerel lover I had to try it. foodwars29-mackerelburgerEasy right? Apparently though making burgers with anything but mince is a bit of a struggle for me. I gathered my necessary ingredients with a few minor changes. Namely, canned mackerel in brine and no ponzu sauce. Tesco had no mackerel in water left and I hadn’t found ponzu sauce. I didn’t use that entire onion either, honest!IMG_3107

Following the simple manga recipe I bunged everything in a bowl ready to be mixed together. I tend to use my hands a lot with fish, just to be sure there are no bones. I also just really like mixing things by hand, it’s fun!

IMG_3108Mistake number one is probably the onion, it’s fairly chunky. I personally like large pieces of onion so I do tend to chop on the chunkier side. On this occasion though I was actually crying so badly I gave up. This onion was an assault on my delicate peepers. Undeterred I went for it, fat onions and all.IMG_3109Mistake number two became evident after the shaping and frying came into play. My mixture was just too dry. I managed to make patties but as soon as they hit the frying pan they cracked and crumbled. Unfortunately I had run out of eggs and honestly, I was hungry. I didn’t want to faff about trying to find a substitute so I did what any good chef would do, I improvised.

In lieu of making patties I just fired the entire mixture into a pan and fried until crispy. Shoyu soy sauce, mirin and red wine finished the dish off. From disaster to delicious in one swift move, the mackerel donburi was born!IMG_3110Not exactly what I had planned to be eating for dinner but tasty nonetheless.

I will try the canned mackerel burger recipe again and when I succeed I will triumphantly share it with the world!