What’s Cooking In The Weeb Kitchen?: Chaliapin Steak Donburi


Sōma_vs_Ikumi_(anime)For as long as I can remember I’ve loved cooking and as such I’ve also loved cooking shows. My partner however not so much. Meaning I usually find time when he’s not home to get my fix. Recently I found a way around this, in the glorious form of cooking anime!

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma is my saviour. Having just started its second season Crunchyroll has it front and center as part of their simulcasts, which is actually how it came to my attention in the first place. How no one thought to tell me this show existed is beyond me but no harm done, I’ve found it now. For anyone who hasn’t watched it, do it. Seriously, it’s amazing. It’s the perfect combination of food, bewbs and lewd visual imagery. What’s not to love?

1424538355427_imageAnime tropes aside, the food in this show looks spectacular. So much so that I decided it was about time I dived into the world of anime recipes; thus a kitchen weeb was born.

The first recipe choice has been heavily influenced by the fact I just purchased a multi-cooker. Cooking perfect rice is a pain, so this was my solution. I was yet to test it though so as a result, I picked a donburi. Chaliapin Steak donburi to be precise. Chaliapin was a Russian opera singer who suffered from a toothache while touring Japan in 1936 and as such requested an extra tender steak. A hotel chef devised a way to make this happen and the dish is known in Japan as a Chaliapin Steak to this day.

Onions are supposedly the key to this extra tender steak. Red onions were my weapon of choice and boy did I use a lot. You will cry making this don.

image2I’ll be honest, I did deviate from the anime recipe but I think Soma would have approved of my improvisations.


Chaliapin Steak Don recipe from the Shokugeki no Soma manga.

Rather than use sirloin steak I actually opted to use rump. There were two reasons for this; flavour preference and the fact that as a cut it actually requires tenderisation. Void of red wine, because I forgot to buy any, my sauce was just an onion shoyu sauce but it was delicious nonetheless. My last deviation was the umeboshi in the rice. Pickled plum, that’s what umeboshi is. I absolute hated it when I had it in Japan and I didn’t really fancy putting it in my mouth again. Ever. Shichimi sprinkled rice for me thanks. I love spicy food and I wanted a kick in my don.


Ita daki mas!

This recipe was a simple one to start me off and it was genuinely fun to make and tasty to boot! The steak was wonderfully tender although I suspect it had slightly more to do with the beating it took than the onions. Why not experiment for yourself?