Punk’s Picks: The Idea Owl


Life has gotten fairly hectic recently, so in an attempt to organise myself I purchased a cheeky wee ban.do agenda planner. While waiting for it to arrive I was alerted to an adorable little online stationery shop; The Idea Owl. Now a girl can’t organise her life without the appropriate stationery, right?

Unfortunately the store has made the decision only to offer subscription boxes from now on, just as I have discovered the bounty of kawaii. Typical. However, since there is plenty of cute stock to get moving there’s a 30% discount at the moment. Meaning I’m inevitably going to end up ordering more.

I’m getting ahead of myself though because ta-da, I already got my first batch of goodies!

The Idea Owl 1First off, I love the fact that the items are all individually wrapped in colourful bags. They’re even sealed with cherry blossom washi tape. They really brightened up my morning when they arrived. Even more so when I opened them up.


Seriously though, those stickers right? I have a love for Japanese themed stationery and I’m a little sad that I didn’t pick anything up while I was over earlier in the year. Great excuse to go back. All this wonderfulness only set me back £12.91 including P&P. Awesome right?

So for all you stationery lovers, head over to The Idea Owl and get in on this while their stocks last.

All I need is for my planner to arrive and I will be the most organised princess in the castle.