Punk’s Picks : Vans x Nintendo


BlogThe new Vans x Nintendo range launched yesterday and since it’s my birthday this month I used that as an excuse to treat myself to a pair. Now normally I’m loathe to pay more than about £25 for shoes. I used to work for Schuh you see and that 40% staff discount really makes it hard to ever pay full price for anything from them. That being said the range is so lovely that I caved and parted with the £52 to walk away with a pair of my very own, with a nifty tote bag from Schuh as a free gift.

IMG_2565(1)The range itself is pretty wide; there are numerous different shoe designs for both adults and kids as well as bags, caps, socks and even some tees and vest tops. Depending on the design and style of shoe you’re looking at between £52-£60 for adults and around £35 for kids which isn’t too far off standard pricing for a pair of Vans. If you get yourself a pair from Vans directly they’ll give you a free sticker which is probably nice but I personally prefer the tote. Schuh also have a few exclusive designs so it’s worth having a look at both sites before you purchase anything.

The packaging for the shoes is awesome. As you can see from the photo above the box is designed to look like a NES and they’ve put a lot of genuine work into it. They’ve taken the time to add the correct button and port details which I love. Upon opening the box I was greeted with a lovely colourful pair of retro Super Mario arcade design Vans. All the shoe designs are good but these bad boys were my personal favourite.IMG_2566The effort that was put into the packaging carries through to the shoe design itself. I’ve been buying Vans for years now so I already know to expect a quality pair of shoes, I find them to be an incredibly comfortable and durable brand, but they’ve really outdone themselves with this pair. The colours are bright and crisp and they’ve got the 8-bit characters down. Even the tongue and soles haven’t been left out!IMG_2567IMG_2569IMG_2570If you’ve been toying with the idea of grabbing yourself a pair of Nintendo Vans then all I can say is go for it. They’re worth the money. Just don’t go to Schuh to pick them up unprepared for the fact Dr.Martens has just released a TMNT range like I did. The pain of leaving behind my boy Donnie was real.